Sabtu, 14 Januari 2012

the reason me isn't here can't be explain with word

there are some of my skirts collection, i really love wear skirt feel kinda girl and sweet (LOL) actually i'm not that type of girl but i'm trying to be , hope it's working on .

pic 1. Blau ist blue ---> 

pic 2. Flowering pink --->           

  pic 3. Starlight the purple is bright


pic 4. Not about why,its about why not --->

pic 5. Hey werewolf! i love baby bear :p --->

pic 7. Dresscode 123456789** --->

pic 9 . Horses jump into my skirt --->

pic 10. Ok grandma! --->

pic11. Bored with "waiting" word --->

HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY :), kisshug xoxo

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