Kamis, 05 September 2013

The hospitals

i have nothing good experience how useful hospital is , and getting much hate since my step father stayed there for couple week and he looked really really hurts . and the hospitals' crew acted so mean they did as they please , didn't want to tell us any explaining until we,the family decided to take him home but he just keep with us for 2days :'( , miss him a lot .
so by 1st august 2013 he came back to the who create him... 7 days before Ied mubarak, we are in sadness a lot!
miss him so much, til now i just can't believe that he is done here :'(
i'm the eyewitness being there with him , hows he didn't have any progress so did with my mom and both my step broh..

R.I.P pah, hope you happy there,always ♥

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