Jumat, 14 Juni 2013

Telenovela in me

When i was in elementary school i used to watch this kind of movie series which was really popular by my age. But, now i can't even see local tv shows this kind of movie again and i don't know why.
in 2000 telenovela is really really BOOM my country, almost every local tv shows mexican movie.
and the one of my fav is AMIGOS X SIEMPRE.


Away from this movie , i wanna talk about the main actress of this movie (YEPS) she is Belinda Peregrin , who plays as Ana . she's very tallented actress she can act and sing as well ,and iin accidentally i'm surfing about her this late night.

she has got long blonde hair and lovely skin , yeah everybody knows mexican always hot like a stove :DDD
miss to watch this movie again,so i ask my boo to download me this movie hope it will come soon ;)

enjoy, <3