Rabu, 17 Juli 2013

A Werewolf Boy

I bought this movie already long and it slipped somewhere till the day i met then i watched it with my boyfriend but unfortunely there is no subtittle on it so i just wonder what they speak about and keep watching the movie because its really make me curious and want to know more , so i tell my boyfriend to get me the subtittle . and yes he did ! after the twice sat nicely i know what this movie about,,heheheee
as usual korean movie , this is a romantic movie with different genre . this the first korean movie i watched that make me feel like, it isn't just marshmellow but they put other taste like werewolf ,,
honestly i wonder how korean make such movie like werewolf and after i watched this, i am not even bored instead i am enjoying so much, this is the good movie :) 
you all should watch this ;)


Here the Lovely Soundtrack from this movie, kinda of CUTE ^^,the tune same like the UP movie soundtrack :))))
Song Tittle : My Prince ~ Park Bo Young


and here the lyric is ;)

A Were-Wolf Boy (늑대소년; neugdaesonyeon) OST

Hangul 가사 & Romanization Lyrics

밤새도록 창밖에 해님이 뜨길 기다려
bamsaedorok changbakke haenimi tteugil gidaryeo
아침이 오면 그 사람 만날 수 있으니까요
achimi omyeon geu saram mannal su isseunikkayo
고마워요 내 손 잡아줘서 고마워요 내 눈 바라봐서
gomawoyo nae son jabajwoseo gomawoyo nae nun barabwaseo
고마워요 내가 그리던 왕자님 이렇게 내 앞에 나타나줘서
gomawoyo naega geurideon wangjanim ireoke nae ape natanajwoseo
하루 종일 하늘에 달님이 뜨길 기다려
haru jongil haneure dallimi tteugil gidaryeo
한밤이 오면 당신과 이야기할 수 있으니까요
hanbami omyeon dangsingwa iyagihal su isseunikkayo
잊지마요 우리의 약속을 잊지마요 우리의 비밀들을
itjimayo uriui yaksogeul itjimayo uriui bimildeureul
잊지마요 내가 당신의 눈빛에 얼마나 가슴이 뛰었었는지
itjimayo naega dangsinui nunbiche eolmana gaseumi ttwieosseonneunji

English Translation Lyrics

All night, I wait for the sun to rise out the window
Because when morning comes, I can meet that person
Thank you for holding my hand, thank you for looking into my eyes
Thank you, my prince that I’ve dreamed of, for appearing before me

All day, I wait for the moon to rise in the sky
Because when night comes, I can talk to you
Don’t forget our promise, don’t forget our secrets
Don’t forget how my heart raced when you looked at me


xoxo, Nha <3