Minggu, 01 Desember 2013


Yeah, here i am now?
so.... how's yew all ?,,,, hope as great as always.. long time didn't meet here ( x_x) kinda miss me? ( hope so :p )
and what i have done since these loooong? hmm... yeah am a married and being a wife now ( husssh... ) not so different but kinda have to learn the new adaptation with my husbee's family, since we are living here ( wish.. temporary yeah.. amin )
well.. being a wife not so easy or so hard, have to learn many and many...
ok enuff to tell about that and lets move to some fashion stuffs.
nowdays people are really crazy about this colour ( or maybe not so that like what i mean, hehhe )
Here is ...... 


Hope you like these shares.... have a great day all.

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